Meet Everyone’s New Favorite Team Member

10754197_10205166239053085_855736024_oThis is Sage—aka one of the best additions to our barn. She came to Carlisle last spring, and now that more “people” members have had a chance to ride her, she has become the new favorite. I say people because the horses we ride are members of our team too. Sometimes we forget this, which seems silly right? Without them, who would we practice on? Who would help make us better riders? And who would teach us responsibility?

Now, don’t get me wrong. We love all of the fabulous horses that we ride, but it’s hard not to develop one or two favorites over time. Sage is on the larger side, upwards of 16 hands (hands is the unit we measure horses in). To give you non-horse people out there a sense, one hand is about four inches. She’s a bay, meaning she’s dark brown with a black mane and tail—my personal favorite. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, she is a dream to ride. Continue reading